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May 26, 2006

Why the Oilers will Win the Cup

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I am actually one of those people south of the Canadian border who has watched pretty much every NHL playoff game this year, both East & West.    I said in about January that a Western conference team will win, because hockey in the West resembles old school hockey.   The players are bigger, tougher, and the coaches are smarter.   In the East a fast, free-styling game plan was all you needed to let your top 4 or 5 play-makers get loose and put the puck in the net.    In the West, coaches actually had to discipline their players to play their roles within a system.    Teams with discipline could adapt at any time by playing a system that cramped the style of whateever opposing team they faced that night.   The Oilers' ability to beat Detroit by changing the way they played on a dime is an example.

The more interesting question is why the West should be more disciplined than the East?  Simple – Geography.   The Western teams are much farther apart and have tougher travel schedules than the East.   This means they are more tired and have less practice time.  As a result, they can't rely on speed and freshness to carry them throughout the long regular season, so they HAD to learn disciplined, system-based hockey.   Thus, they are better equipped.  

Bet the farm, the Oilers will win in 5 games.


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  1. Hey Darren, I get the first really comment on your blog.

    I will suppose that your analysis of the Western Hockey league is completely none biased, and will support it whole heartedly, plus I better root for Edmonton because the Flames had to suck. It would have been really cool if the flames had done better, seeing that my school is located directly on the Red Mile (it was actually used as a police headquarters on playoff nights).

    Good to see another generation blogging in our family.


    Comment by Kyler — May 28, 2006 @ 2:44 am

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